Brief Notes on VRLA 1/23/16

New Important People in VR
Robert Brackenridge – Virtuix
Nathan Burba – Survios
Ray Davis – Epic

VC’s to Approach
The Venture Reality Fund
Envelop VR – Bob Berry
Accel – Kobie Fuller prefers tech to games
DFJ – Bubby Murarka prefers tech to games
Boost VC – Jeff Wasson – is willing to write riskier, smaller checks (aka games).

FACT: In 2015 700 million of investment went into vr

How to Succeed in VR

  • Get market exposure
  • Have passion about what you are building
  • Have fresh perspective and be insane when making a VR product ~Kobie
  • VC’s find it hard to invest in content creation studios – they are not venture scale. VC’s are not looking for story or character.
  • Games or content success is hard to predict – so make a scalable idea if you want investors
  • Know the business model of a venture firm before pitching
  • Be honest and authentic with VCs
  • Valuation is mostly determined by negotiation in an emerging market for start ups

New Tech to Check Out open source graphics by AMD

Book Recommendation: “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, if you saw the movie but have not read the book, prepare yourself for a deep exploration of the human survival instinct, warfare, and theory of the mind in what is perhaps Card’s greatest novel.

3 thoughts on “Brief Notes on VRLA 1/23/16

  1. Thank you for your brief but helpful notes from the VR conference. I appreciate them because I have plans of my own for capitalizing on VR in the coming years. For someone on the periphery of the industry, someone looking to make some possible monetary investments in this emerging market, where would you suggest I look?

    I also appreciate your recommendation of “Ender’s Game.” You’re leaving me with so much literary ground to cover in these posts.

    Thanks Pablo! — Ambrose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ambrose – if you are looking for a quick return on your investment, I would not look at VR right now. It seems that most VCs are trying to build new sector over the long term, so it is a very high risk and specialty investment strategy. However, contacting any of the VCs listed in my notes may provide you with a more professional answer.


      1. Thanks, Paleon. I’m definitely not looking for a quick return, I’m all about that long term hustle! I’m going to get in contact with some of the people on that list, and once again I appreciate your notes.


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