My New YouTube #gamedev Series

I have just started a new youtube series where I stream myself programming various game projects. For the next few months, I will be streaming the development of a Drone Simulator and the development of carPG-13.

My intention with these videos is to interact with other game developers and also reflect on my own game development process. Here is my first video:

In this video I build the basic components of a Drone Simulator. My gamedev videos will be long because I will often have to refactor and debug due to the lack of time I have in planning these videos – I am doing them on top of a full time job at a start-up. However, I will be sharing the source code for Drone Simulator which will help compensate for the lack of concision in my streams.

Book Recommendation: “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, for anyone looking for an introduction to existential fiction.



4 thoughts on “My New YouTube #gamedev Series

  1. Hi Paleon,

    I just watched this entire video, and I must thank you for your very transparent and straightforward approach here. It’s helpful to me as I continue to learn dev in the unity ecosystem. Loved the way you improvised cylindrical propellers instead of resorting to a store purchase. For someone who said he had no idea what he was doing at the beginning, you’re hella resourceful!!

    Also, not to be weird haha, but I think I might have seen you at the HelloWorld event last night? I didn’t introduce myself because I wasn’t sure it was you. Were you seated toward the front?

    Thanks and best,
    Ambrose Hunter


    1. Hey Ambrose, thanks again for checking out my blog.

      Yes I was at the HelloWorld event haha – you should have come and said hello – I am always down to talk dev, design, and corporate politics.




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