carPG-13: NPC Metrics

User Story: As a player, I want each NPC car to react to every action I take in its proximity.

In carPG-13, NPC cars react to how you behave when you are around them. If you get too close to a car who likes his space, he will get upset at you and back up. He will also angerCounter++ his metrics. If he hits his angerThreshold, say 3, he will getAngry(). In the video below, I show the programming of a Mechanic NPC’s getAngry() function which triggers a machine gun turret to start firing at the player. Check it out:


Book Recommendation: “Inner Work” by Robert Johnson for anyone who wants to learn how to incorporate their dreams into their spiritual life and conscious self.

4 thoughts on “carPG-13: NPC Metrics

  1. “I don’t have that function yet,
    I am going to write it.”

    Hi paleon,

    It’s inspiring to see you learn so much as you go, to correct your mistakes and learn from them, and to persist with confidence and conviction. It definitely motivates me with my own game design.

    Ambrose Hunter


    1. Thanks for your continued support Ambrose, it is people like you that really inspire me to continue being a game developer – I can’t wait to show you some of the fan art I have received.


  2. Watching this vid for third str8 time.

    “He does not like that I’m chasing after him.”

    “Where are you going bro?”



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